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Press play and follow the book along with me.


For Spring Branch students & teachers. Make sure to use code "teachersrock" to get 20% off

Hello Spring Branch Friends!
I am so very excited for you to check out my book! I'm counting the days til I get to come meet you and read with you at Tiger Trail. 

The story and characters in my book were originally created with my niece in mind, who suffers from mitochondrial disease.  When she was younger, she shared her frustration that there were no princesses with hearing aids in her storybooks.  That was my cue to create.  Mitochondrial disease is not specifically named in the book; my hope was that it would reach more than just little ones with mito.  My hope is that lots of children are able to identify with Jorge, Song, and Missy, because they are brave and adventurous too.

with love & gratitude,



Checkout this free coloring page and word search.

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